Value-Added Services

Capacity Portability

This product option allows you to augment your existing capacity contract to a higher capacity with only the incremental fees to pay. This allows you to grow your network at your pace without having to negotiate new contracts all the time. Combine this with our Asymmetric Port options (see below), and you can drop capacity exactly where you need it, without having to mesh multiple circuits together. Less headaches and management overheads all round!

Asymmetric Ports

This product option allows you to have a STM-64 port in Sydney and fan it out to 3 × STM-16 ports in Japan, Singapore and San Jose. This keeps your overheads down as you only need to manage 1 port in each location. It also keeps x-connect fees and spares to a minimum.

These products can be offered POP-to-POP on the following routes. POP-to-POP allows you to collect your capacity in a location that suits you, rather than having to arrange expensive backhaul connectivity to reach us:

  • Sydney–Guam
  • Sydney–Japan (Tokyo)
  • Sydney–USA (San Jose)

Australia–Asia Gateway

With the rapid growth in new cable builds in the Pacific, PPC-1’s strategic presence on Guam provides key opportunities for interconnection with systems that extended onwards to Asian countries.

From the Piti CLS, PPC-1 provides bandwidth options to reach the AT&T Tanguisson CLS and facilitate interconnects to other cable systems in the region. PIPE International has a dedicated DWDM link between the Piti CLS and Tanguisson CLS providing a high-speed link between the current and future cable systems, including network interconnections with AAG consortium members. Equinix Tokyo provides a key access point to PPC-1 in Japan. This provides opportunity for connection to the cable systems that leave Japan to have a direct path to Australia.

  • Unity
  • PC-1
  • Japan–US
  • APCN-2
  • FLAG-Pacific
  • TPC-4 & TPC-5
  • Tata Global Network – Pacific
  • EAC-C2C
  • Trans-Pacific Express
  • China–US

PPC-1 creates the final link in the Australia-Asia mesh allowing for efficient communications in and out of Australia to anywhere in Asia.