About PipeEthernet®

PipeEthernet® is our Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) certified ethernet product. PIPE Networks is Australia’s first telecommunications carrier to be awarded MEF certification. With MEF certification, our customers can be assured PipeEthernet® adheres to the highest industry standard as set by the leading world body for Carrier Ethernet.

Top Five Features

  • MEF Certified
    PipeEthernet® services are certified to the MEF ‘Carrier Ethernet’ standard, assuring industry leading benchmarks to our customers.
  • PipeEthernet® Coverage Areas
    As opposed to traditional building based pricing, PIPE Networks offers flat rate pricing within our continuously expanding ethernet coverage areas.
  • Customer Portal
    The PipeEthernet® portal provides access to coverage maps, pre-qualification tools, quoting, ordering provisioning and upgrading.
  • 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps Speeds
    PipeEthernet® provides speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps , giving businesses more bandwidth for solutions like Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity, Software as a Service (SaaS) and convergence.
  • Committed Bandwidth
    PipeEthernet® gives you full speed on all circuits, all the time to ensure your applications deliver the performance you expect. The bandwidth ordered is set as the Committed Information Rate (CIR).


PipeEthernet® provides standards based ethernet links that facilitate the delivery of solutions like:

  • Connecting end users to their service provider
  • Connecting an office with a data centre, to implement Disaster Recovery
  • Connecting multiple offices within the same city or offices spread across multiple cities
  • Interconnecting data centres

Ethernet links can be delivered based on a point-to-point architecture, referred to as Ethernet Private Line (EPL) in MEF terms, or a point-to-multipoint architecture, referred to as Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) in MEF terms, where PipeEthernet® services are aggregated at one end.

In EPL architecture PipeEthernet® provides All-to-One Bundling and supports multiple Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVC), traditionally referred to as a VLAN, between the two end points (known in MEF terms as User Network Interfaces or UNI).

In EVPL architecture PipeEthernet® consists of a single Provider Ethernet Virtual Circuit (EVC) between the two end points (UNI) with one end being the point for aggregation.

The bandwidth ordered is set as the Committed Information Rate (CIR) which provides your business with the ability to deliver QoS dependent services like voice and video to your end users.

PipeEthernet® preserves Customer Edge VLAN (CE-VLAN) and Customer Edge Class of Service (CE-VLAN CoS) IDs.

Services are available in a range of speeds from 10 Mbps up to 10 Gbps, to meet the ever-growing demand for bandwidth.