About PipeIP®

PipeIP delivers symmetrical internet connectivity with low latency to support real-time applications, making it the ideal solution for corporate, enterprise and wholesale internet access. It is available at speeds between 10 Mbps and 10 Gbps so it can scale with your organisation as it grows.

The metropolitan access connection to PIPE’s backbone internet router is on a 1:1 fibre basis. With points of carrier interconnection located in all major capital cities, PipeIP largely removes the inter-capital city capacity tromboning effect seen with many operators carrying multi-network, intra-metropolitan traffic.

Connection to internationally hosted content achieved via PPC-1, AAG, Southern Cross & TGN Pacific cable systems each providing onward connection to significant Asian and North American internet backbone networks and providing global IP connectivity. And since PIPE Networks operates the largest internet exchange in Australia, you’re even closer to the majority of key content providers, including Google, Yahoo, and the ABC, making your internet faster and more efficient.

PipeIP is available in a number of different configurations, allowing you to pick the features that best benefit you. PIPE has five standard IP product offerings, two aimed at wholesale customers and three aimed at direct customers. These products are all in our portal too, so you can order a new service or upgrade an existing one with a few simple mouse clicks and without the need to discuss options or wait for quotes.

For further information about PipeIP® service please use our enquiry form, or contact us on 13 PIPE (13 7473).