PPC-1 Network

PPC-1 stretches from Sydney to Guam. With multiple access points in Sydney and Guam combined with established onward connections to Japan and North America, PPC-1 is flexible enough to support your business needs. In addition, new sites are being considered and added all the time. We will soon be able to deliver services to Singapore and Hong Kong with the likes of Shanghai, Taiwan and Jakarta also easily reachable.

PipeFibre® Diagram

PPC-1 comprises four fibre pairs which leave Sydney. Two fibre pairs (FP1 and FP2) extend to Guam. FP2 is the express path directly connecting Sydney with Guam. FP3 and FP4 are dark in preparation for a future cable build out of Sydney.

There are two types of BU installed within the system. BU1 is Power-Switched, containing FP3 and FP4. BUs 2, 3, and 4 are passive; their Optical Add-Drop Multiplex (OADM) functionality is performed on FP1 only.

PPC-1 employs four Branching Units (BU) to allow for future expansion. BU1 is off Sydney and contains an additional 2 fibre pairs to create a complete new system. BUs 2, 3 are on fibre pair 1 to Guam and will allow for wavelengths on the fibre pair to be ‘dropped off’ in the Gold Coast and nominally Port Moresby. BU4 is currently connected via an 80 km spur to Madang, Papua New Guinea.

PPC-1 operates active network equipment in the following locations:

  • Sydney
    Cable Landing Station
    Global Switch
    Equinix SY2

Other Sydney locations can easily be reached on PIPE’s metro fibre network. Just let us know where you want it and we will be able to price it for you.

  • Japan
    Equinix, Level 4
  • San Jose
    Equinix, SV1