PipeIP Premium Services

Pipe’s Premium services see additional value bundled with our standard IP offering. It is available in Premium and Premium Plus varieties.

PipeIP Premium is a usage-based service with billing each month in arrears based on traffic usage. In addition, PipeCloud is automatically added to provide ‘quota-free’ data sharing with all other users of PipeCloud. Premium is not sold with an Ethernet tail component and is typically delivered within our Approved Data Centres.

PipeIP Premium Plus is exactly the same as PipeIP Premium except that it is designed for delivery outside of an Approved Data Centre and includes the required Ethernet tail to allow that to happen. The Premium Plus service is typically available within Pipe’s Ethernet Coverage Area, or PECA or on-net building outside of the PECA. You can check if your building is covered by looking up your address in our PECA Checker.