PipeFibre® Service

PIPE Networks’ Dark Fibre service, PipeFibre®, puts the customer in control. Through enabling businesses to operate their own private optical fibre network you can achieve the freedom, performance, security, reliability and quality of service that you demand. What’s more, our PipeFibre® service will satisfy your bandwidth needs both now and into the future.

The Network

PIPE Networks build, own and maintain the optical fibre network used to deliver the PipeFibre® service. Built to exacting standards, PIPE Networks’ optical fibre network utilises single mode fibres meeting ITU-T Recommendation G.652.


The integrity of your network is taken seriously at PIPE Networks. Offering a comprehensive SLA and 24/7 coverage you are guaranteed maximum network uptime. For ultimate peace of mind, PIPE Networks also offers a 100% service availability guarantee*. With the flexibility to lease fibres on common or diverse routes you can take advantage of physically diverse optical paths building redundancy and/or diversity into your network.


Built to match customer demand, PIPE Networks is continually expanding network coverage across the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan area. Access to locations outside Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne is also a possibility. Contact us to find out more about connecting your business.

* Conditions apply.