The benefits of Dark Fibre

Dark fibre offers you these key benefits:


PIPE Networks’ Dark Fibre services put you in full control of your network. Dark Fibre allows your business to select the transmission technology of your choice to deploy over a Point-to-Point connection. Whether your WAN connection runs on Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, SDH or any other widely adopted protocol, you will have the freedom to run the technology over PipeFibre®.


Corporate Wide Area Networks require reliable performance at all times. PIPE Networks’ PipeFibre® service allows its customers to specify the point-to-point route that they need to connect their WANs, resulting in a direct circuit that is neither hubbed nor routed in order to get from Point A to Point B.

PipeFibre® also delivers the ability for its customers to set the transmission protocol and transmission speed of the service. Being the only customer traffic operating over the Dark Fibre service, and being backed with a Carrier-Grade SLA makes the service very reliable.


PIPE Networks’ services are not routed or tunnelled across the Public Internet, they are purpose built point-to-point Dark Fibre networks, making them a very secure way to connect your businesses mission critical sites. As the only customer utilising your individual Dark Fibre network, your business can be assured of the highest levels of security by placing your business data on a Carrier-Grade SLA-backed service.


The almost unlimited bandwidth potential of optical fibre is at your disposal when you choose PipeFibre®. With no intervening electronics of any kind the service is simple to connect and reliable to operate.