About PIPE Peering

PIPE Networks is Australia’s largest peering provider with 16 IX locations across 6 metro-IX networks. Part of this success is because PIPE Networks operates a vendor and carrier-neutral environment for its peers and provides fully redundant, state of the art layer 2/3 Ethernet switches and routers operating up to gigabit speed.

PIPE Networks is a Metro Area Internet Exchange in that it has distributed its switching capacity in areas of high customer density in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Canberra. As such the PIPE network can connect to customers in buildings other than its main point of presence.

The strength of PIPE Networks IX service allows our customers to:

  • Improve quality of service by keeping traffic local, providing lower latency end-to-end and better reliability. Without connections to Internet exchanges, ISPs, web hosting and application service providers are separated by the length of the carrier networks between them. Poor local connections between networks can degrade service and force packets into long haul trips just to get across town.
  • Enable next generation applications. PIPE Networks IX makes possible many new and exciting applications that, in the rising world of DSL and broadband access, will be all too important in order to deliver high speed services to your high speed customers, streaming audio and video content, quality on-line gaming and application service provision to name a few.
  • Reduce reliance on expensive tail circuits to carriers by taking traffic over the cheaper and more efficient PIPE Networks IX infrastructure. Some customers have almost removed their reliance on expensive telco tail circuits by using PIPE Networks dark fibre.

PIPE has a broad range of customers and partners who include:

  • National ISPs
  • Large modern telecommunications carriers
  • Regional and Local ISPs
  • Large Web hosting companies
  • Public and Private Educational establishments
  • Medium and large corporations

For further information about PipeIX service please use our enquiry form or contact us on 13 PIPE (13 7473).

ABC iView Press Release

PIPE Networks and ABC combine to make ABC iView available on PIPE Networks’ Sydney Peering Exchange

August 3, 2009

PIPE Networks (Australia) Ltd today announced that ABC iView is now available on its Sydney peering exchange (IX), making it the first peering exchange in Australia to offer this service in Sydney. PIPE Networks’ peering customers in Sydney can now offer ABC iView content as an unmetered service to their end users, increasing their appeal to the residential market. Customers of ISPs that take advantage of this arrangement will be able to watch ABC iView content without using up their allowed internet usage.

ABC iView is an Internet broadcasting service that allows viewers to watch ABC programs via the internet, offering a range of catchup and exclusive programming from ABC1 and ABC2. It is currently only available for peering in Adelaide. PIPE Networks, Australia’s largest internet exchange, and ABC have combined efforts to make ABC iView content available for peering in Sydney on a trial period of three months.

High bandwidth multimedia content is an expanding market and providing iView onto PIPE Networks. Sydney Peering Exchange means customers will get more value out of their subscription to the Peering Networks. PIPE Networks’ General Manager / PIPE Domestic, Jason Sinclair said:

"We’re very pleased to be able to provide our customers with this value-added service. Multimedia content is of significant value to our customers and we are constantly bringing more content on our peering exchange. On average, to view a 1 hour program on iView would use approximately 200 MB, so the potential savings to our ISP customers and their end users with this trial could be substantial."

PIPE’s Peering customers in Sydney who need to extend the unmetered service to their customers need to contact ABC on iview-technical@your.abc.net.au