Disaster Recovery

An effective Disaster Recovery solution is about assurance—knowing that should the worst happen, your data is safe and easy to access.

PipeFibre® and PipeRack® make this a reality—our data centres are located out of harm’s reach, on a separate power grid with a power backup system, ensuring 24×7×365 operation. Our data centres are connected directly to our fibre-optic network which allows for virtually unlimited bandwidth. Where redundant fibre circuits are used, customers get 99.999% availability SLA.

Jim Hoffer’s "Backing Up Business - Industry Trend or Event" reports that “of companies that had a major loss of business data, 43% never reopen, 51% close within two years, and only 6% will survive long-term.” A major data loss is a dramatic setback, but thankfully one that can be circumvented.

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