PIPE Community Responsibility

We feel that supporting and making donations to community organisations is a very important part of our corporate identity. As a responsible ‘Corporate Citizen’ we would like to recognise some of the organisations that are making the world a better place. While we are not able to carry out this vital work ourselves, we would like to assist those dedicated people who do make a difference.

Organisation URL Support Date
Oxfam Trailwalker http://www2.oxfam.org.au/trailwalker/melbourne/team/1 $1,000 November 2011
Kokoda Challenge http://www.kokodachallenge.com/ $2,500 June 2011
Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html $108,725 January 2011
PA Research Foundation http://www.pafoundation.org.au/events/the-great-brisbane-duck-race/ $1,000 August 2010
Kokoda Challenge http://www.kokodachallenge.com/ $5,000 July 2010
Electronic Frontiers Australia http://www.efa.org.au/ $5,000 April 2010
Bob Ngariki NSW Dragon Boat State Title Campaign $350 March 2010
PA Research Foundation http://www.pafoundation.org.au/events/the-great-brisbane-duck-race/ $1,000 August 2009
Opportunity Internationalhttp://www.opportunity.org.au $500 July 2009
Chancellor’s Fund Appeal http://www.alumni.uq.edu.au/chancellorsfundappeal $1,000 June 2009
UNICEF (BRW) www.unicef.org.au/brw/ $10,000 May 2009
Pittwater House Building Fund www.pittwaterhouse.com.au $5,000 May 2009
Loud Shirt Day (Hear & Say Centre) www.loudshirtday.com.au/ $2,000 May 2009
Ian’s Run for Cancer www.galeforcerunning.com/ $2,500 March 2009
Victorian Bushfire Appeal http://www.dhs.vic.gov.au/bushfireappeal $25,000 Feburary 2009
Heart Foundation www.heartfoundation.org.au/ $2,500 September 2008
Hear and Say Centre www.hearandsaycentre.com.au/ $2,800 July 2008
Cure Cancer Australia www.curecancer.org.au $1,000 June 2008
Childhood Cancer Support www.clcs.org.au $5,000 June 2008
World Vision www.worldvision.com.au $500 June 2008
SIDS and Kids Foundation www.sidsandkids.org $350 February 2008
Heart Foundation www.heartfoundation.org.au $5,000 February 2008
Salvation Army www.salvos.org.au $150 November 2007
Surf Life Saving Foundation www.lifesavingfoundation.com.au $250 October 2007
Jeans for Genes Day www.jeansforgenes.org.au $200 August 2007

For further information please contact:
Jasmine Smyth
Tel: + 61 (0) 7 3233 9800
E-Mail: enquiry@pipenetworks.com

Donations by PIPE Networks are completly transparent, and are not biased in any way. Donations are voluntary contributions (cash benefits and benefits in kind) made by the company, without recompense, to external parties for cultural, scientific or humanitarian purposes as well as fees for membership in social and cultural organisations.