Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing—the next ‘big thing’. A place where conventional walls and offices cease to exist and employees work anywhere, at anytime. Be it Software As A Service, virtual servers, remote storage or using the Internet as a crucial part of your IT infrastructure, PIPE has a suite of products to lift you to the Cloud.

Cloud computing is a shift to a service-based model of computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, over the network. Storing these resources remotely allows for lightweight clients and removes the onus from the user to update, backup and transfer files.

The cloud offers many advantages over local applications. Advantages like: users are guaranteed up-to-date versions of documents and programs and across all devices (including mobile)—as they use the same data and application source, they can easily collaborate, and the data is stored reliably and securely.

To rely on the cloud, you need to rely on your connectivity. Your servers and data (and thus ‘cloud’) may be located in your local data centre or on the other side of the globe—PipeFibre® or PipeIP® make this transparent, giving you high-speed access to the cloud on your network or the internet.

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