PIPE Networks Abuse Policy

PIPE Networks takes the law seriously. Where third parties identify breaches of the law using our network or other resources we will deal with it in accordance with our policy.

PIPE Networks runs public use USENET servers for the users of our ISP customers to use freely. We do not control the end user - they are not our customer. We cannot ban or prevent access to individual users.

We are a licensed Carrier as per Australian law and as such we have certain obligations under law with respect to the Protection of Communications. Our actions are governed by the law dealing with Telecommunications in Australia.

What you need to submit to PIPE Networks for us to look into the abuse of our network :

If you are reporting a copyright violation then you need to state:

Email about security incidents should be sent to support@pipenetworks.com
Any network abuse issues, alledged copyright, spam/UCBE or other matters to abuse@pipenetworks.com