What is PPC-1?

PPC-1 will be Australia’s first carrier neutral cable to offer POP to POP handover, overcoming the need for expensive backhaul to selected locations. Connecting Australia to Guam and providing onward connectivity to Asia and the United States, PPC-1 offers diversity to the few existing routes, and provides competitive pricing for greater capacity. The cable will have a design capacity of 1.92Tb/s run over 2 fibre pairs.

Cable Length

Approximately 6900 km

Service Offering

Service offering will be:

  • Sydney to Guam
  • Sydney to Japan
  • Sydney to USA

Carrier Neutral Facilities

Landing Stations at:

  • Cromer, Sydney
  • Piti, Guam


Diverse path to existing cable systems will allow carriers and service providers to mesh their international networks coming into and out of Australia.

Bandwidth Products


  • 2.5 Gbps Wavelength
  • 10 Gbps Wavelength


  • STM-16/OC-48
  • STM-64/OC-192


  • 10 Gbps Ethernet

Purchase Options


  • Convertible Leases

Indefeasible Rights Of Use

  • IRUs

Backhaul Colocation

Available at major POPs A variety of handoff points for the cable will be available. As Australia’s first POP to POP cable, we aim to have a presence in the POPs listed below. These will be built following customer demand.

  • Equinix, San Jose
  • PAIX, Palo Alto
  • ONE Wilshire, Los Angeles
  • Global Switch, Sydney
  • Equinix, Sydney