PPC-1 Team

Bevan Slattery – Chief Executive Officer

Bevan Slattery is a highly respected and award-winning entrepreneur, with a wealth of experience in building successful Australian IT companies. Mr Slattery is Chief Executive Officer of PIPE International and PIPE Networks, which he co-founded in 2002 with his school friend, Mr. Stephen Baxter.

Matt Whitlock – Manager Network Operations

Matt Whitlock is responsible for the efficient and continuous network operations of PPC 1. Prior to his role at PIPE International, Mr. Whitlock was responsible for PIPE Networks’ internal strategic operations. For nine years, Mr Whitlock specialised in system analysis and strategic development. Mr. Whitlock brings a wealth of knowledge stemming from a successful career within the UK Education Sector, heading the design and installation of the IT infrastructure for 120 educational institutions, including project management of an innovative metro area network, part of the London Grid for Learning.

Lee Harper – Engineering Manager

Lee Harper is responsible for the architecture, technical aspects and product offering of the Pipe International transmission system(s). Based on market requirements his team derive the engineering strategy and design for the Network Operations team to implement and maintain. Mr Harper previously worked with Level 3 Communications. He joined them in 1999 and from the start of their European organisation led the Operations Engineering team predominantly responsible for the technical aspects & quality control of their European high speed optical transport backbone and Trans-Atlantic Ultra Long-haul submarine transmission systems.

John Bradfield – Cable Station Manager

John Bradfield is PPC-1 Project Manager for Pipe International and is responsible for the on-time and on budget delivery of PPC-1. A seasoned industry professional, Mr Bradfield has over ten years experience with Alcatel Submarine Networks in the engineering and project management of various fibre optic submarine cable projects including the Southern Cross Cable Network. Mr Bradfield returns to the telecoms industry having more recently diversified his skill base with engineering and project management roles in the manufacturing and horizontal directional drilling industries.

Lars Tjernagel – Transmission Engineer

Lars Tjernagel is our PPC-1 Tier-3 Transmission Engineer for PPC-1 (US) and is responsible for operations and maintenance in Guam. Lars will help lead the installation and turn up of the PPC-1 system, as well as document operational processes and procedures for system wide use based on final equipment and station configurations.

Lars has 16 years of telecommunications industry experience in this position and has formerly worked for such companies as TATA Communications, VSNL International, Tyco Telecommunications, and AT&T Bell Labs in positions of system engineering & installation, system commissioning and network operations of Undersea Fibre Optic Systems.