B3 Training

Some of our NOC people have recently been studiously undertaking some network management training.  Network management training essentially involves training on the network management system for PPC-1.  A key part of this training relates to alarm and fault management for the system.  Pictured above is some of the NOC staff with their B3 training certificates after completion of the course.

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Completion of B2 Training

B2 training for the system is now complete.  During the week, the PI team got to carry out some dry practise runs on the various maintenance activities that they will be expected to complete during the life of the system.

In the picture above, John and Matt have just completed an exercise to change out a blown lightning arrestor.  It lives inside one of the High Voltage modules in the PFE and involves a lengthy isolation and shut-down process before the module can be pulled out.  In all the process takes about 20 minutes to complete, not including the powering up of the PFE afterwards.  During this time, the system would continue to operate as Guam would be able to ‘Single End Feed’ the entire system, thus not interrupting traffic.

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B2 Training

The PIPE team is hard at it again, this time getting their last batch of hands-on training on the Tyco system.  This is the last formal training session to be conducted and sees all three cable stations completing the training at the same time.  It focuses on the processes and procedures for using and maintaining the systems and backs up the largely theoretical B1 training completed a few months ago.

In the picture above you can see Lee flat on his back carrying out the inspection of some high voltage terminals in the PFE after Matt and John had completed an exercise in changing a high voltage module in one of the converters.

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Bolstered NOC Team

In addition to testing the PPC-1 system, PI has also been preparing for the switch from the project phase to the operation phase for the system.  Key amongst the operation phase requirements for the system will be ensuring that the NOC (“Network Operations Centre”) team can reliably handle the new system.  In that vein, PI brought on board four additional NOC team members this week.  Pictured above (from left to right) are three of the additional members: Adam Humrich, Steven Smith and Kumanan Selvanesan (Fred).  Yahya Iqbal is the other new addition.  The NOC team will ensure that the system is soundly monitored 24/7.  Presently the new NOC team members are busy in training in the NOC and in the cable landing stations familiarising themselves with the system.

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Type B1 Training in the Sydney CLS

As a part of the Tyco Telecom turnkey scope, 20 days of training are provided at key points during the project. Back in January, Matt and John attended the ‘Type A’ training in New Jersey. This time it was ‘Type B1′ in the Sydney CLS.

The ‘B’ training (of which there are 3 separate courses of 5 days each) take place in each of the cable stations. These photos were taken during Sydney’s 5-day course. In them you can see Matt and John practising the removal of components from the system. It’s important to understand how/when such work would need to be done as well as following correct procedures (cleaning, ESD, console commands). The course was a success with the guys getting their first ‘hands-on’ taste of managing the PPC-1 network. Training has already been completed in Guam and the Tyco Telecom trainer is currently in Papua New Guinea working with the Telikom staff.

‘Type B2′ training will take place in all stations later in the year, once the cable has been laid. ‘Type B3′ will be conducted only in Sydney as it’s more aimed towards the NOC staff, rather than the station technicians.

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    Not bad for a mechanical engineer, JB!
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    Hi Kim, Thanks for the question. You may find that the information in the 'Technology' section of this site useful. ...

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