PPC-1: Australia – Guam

Welcome to the home of PPC-1

In two short years PPC-1 has gone from a concept to becoming Australia’s first independent submarine cable. It is Australia’s first investment in submarine cable capacity by a non-Tier 1 provider and the single largest investment in Australia’s competitive telecommunications infrastructure since the dot-com era.

PPC-1 was completed on schedule, and under budget, in October 2009. It has already created a fundamental shift in the Australian telecommunications marketplace.

The journey of PPC-1, however, is far from over. PIPE International will continue to be an innovative member of the Australian telecommunications industry and provide the solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.

We continue to expand our product offerings to meet the needs of our customers and pride ourselves on being very flexible to react to customer needs very quickly. Further information on our products can be found here.

Building PPC-1:

The blog that the project team created can still be found here.

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