7 thoughts on “Launch Video

  1. Congratulations on the completion of the project.

    Thanks to everyone who worked on the blog. It’s great to see the pipe up and running and I really enjoyed reading about the progress.

    p.s. What is the track playing in the background of this video?

  2. Congratulations to Team Pipe! This is a watershed moment in Australia’s telecom industry…and one that everbody will benefit from. Russ

  3. Hey, now that the cable has been operational for a couple of months, how about a new blog post about how you’ve been getting on

    • Hi Chris,

      Well judging by the time it’s taken us to get back you it shows that we’ve been quite busy!

      Since the launch in early October we’ve been busy completing the project closure activities that accompany a project on this scale as well as taking a well-earned rest and holiday.

      We’ve also been expanding the network and have added another PoP site in the centre of Sydney to provide even greater opportunities for customers to reach our system.

      We hope that 2010 is as exciting as the last 2 years, so watch this space as we continue to make the maximum use of our new cable!