Countdown To Launch

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – The final countdown to the launch has begun.  Anticipation is building prior to the launch.  There is less the 48 hours to go until the official launch of PPC-1. All systems are ready for launch on 8 October 2009. The official launch is expected to be at approximately 11:00 am AEDT.  Prepare for launch.

5 thoughts on “Countdown To Launch

  1. Time for Celebration and a Huge sigh of relief its final.

    Congratulations Guys,

    I know how much of an effort (from an outsiders point of view) to get the project up, from the issues with finance (hope the bank executive who pulled the pin feels really embarassed by now), the communication heavyweights, and the lack of understanding of the masses as to how vital an independant network from the telcos will have on this country’s future.

    As someone who has taken a keen interest in communications for 20+ years when the entire bandwidth out of Aus was a mere 34Mbits per second and Austpac 300/1200 services were staggeringly expensive to lease, to when we are seeing fibre to the home and nearly every aspect of out lives is internet related or influenced.

    Its a good sight to see.

    The Works not over yet, theres still that spur off Brisbane which really should be linked up to provide insurance against a taiwan style earthquake off Sydney (I only finished a major project in Newcastle just weeks before the Quake there) to really top off an already astounding vision, and eventually the one to our neighbours in NZ.

    Look forward to the results.

    Darren Stephens

    • Thank you Darren.

      It’s been a long hard slog but we’ve made it to the end and have a fantastic product to work with (even if I say so myself).

  2. Great effort. I have visited to day Cable Landing station. I really liked the work done by PPC1 team.

  3. Well done team and thank you from this end user for the investment you’ve made in making international bandwidth more competitive.

  4. Great work guys, been follow progress the last few months and its been awesome. Looking forward at what PPC-1 has to deliver in the future.