Inventory Checks

Alongside the B2 training, all three cable stations are completing their final inventory checks with the Tyco C&A staff. ┬áThis involves going through the inventory records and sighting and cross-checking the items, quantities and serial numbers – right down to every last washer, nut and bolt.

In the picture above, Matt is checking off the keys that are used to control the PFE to ensure that none are missing.

The successful completion of the inventory reports at all three cable landing stations is just one of the documents that need to be completed before PIPE and Tyco can close out the project.

One thought on “Inventory Checks

  1. CHIEF ENGINEER. FI diag E. [CABLE SHIPS Retired.]

    Awsome cabling achievment undertaken by an exceptional team, belonging to a company of forward thinking excecutives. Well done and congratulations on your proffesional and engineering excellence.