Capacity Testing

If you have been following the blog you will note that PPC-1 has a design capacity of 96 x 10 Gigabit wavelengths on each fibre pair.  One of the more important aspects of the testing relates to confirming that the cable can actually provide this capacity prior to acceptance of the System.  The way this testing is performed is as follows.

First, loading tones which simulate the light spectral content and level across the system are injected into the system.  Next, actual 10 Gigabit per second signals are injected across three channels spaced at 33 GHz apart to test for cross channel talk.  Finally, the data from the tests is collected to measure the Q and BER.  (We anticipate providing more information about Q and BER in a future blog.)  Research demonstrates that this sample testing is equivalent to testing a fully loaded system.  From these tests we will get an indication of the extent to which the system conforms with the specifications.

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